The Bill of Rights is under attack as never before. And the assault, every
bit the definition of “treasonous” to the most reasonable of people, is being
waged by the very government whose charge it is to preserve, protect and
defend it.

Worse, a growing nation of sheeple, fostered by large carrots on short sticks
sold as “free,” has been complicit in helping to usher in the Era of the
Dependent Serf. It’s a cohort so lacking in intellectual wherewithal that
“independence,” for them, is the pejorative their government masters tell
them it is.

Think of religious freedom being conscripted in pursuit of further
socializing medicine.

Think of “progressives” seeking to curtail gun liberties in the name of
“security.” (Never mind that they are too ignorant to realize — or too
hubris-filled to accept — that those who do so deserve neither liberty nor
security but will learn in tragic fashion that neither can exist in such a

These are but two of myriad examples of a nation in serious straits — a
nation on a collision course with history, a collision easily avoided had its
citizenry even been only average students of history.

Where might this lead? To no good and to nothing resembling the
constitutional republic of the Founders, a republic that’s hardly the
antiquated proposition its perverters claim and whose continued perversion
will only embolden the dictatorial tinhorns now cutting their teeth on the
Constitution from which they continually take bites.

Extrapolating America’s new normal — a brainless, sophistic and
extraconstitutional path — is some version of the following to be America’s
sad future?:

–Jan. 21, 2017. Newly inaugurated President Andrew Cuomo proposes, and the
new Socialist majorities in the House and Senate promise to quickly pass,
legislation that effectively decommissions all firearms through a series of
manufacturing regulations and tax increases that make the production and
purchase of bullets prohibitively expensive. “It is not in the interest of
our national industrial policy to make bullets,” the president says.

–June 10, 2017. Secretary of Religion Elizabeth Warren announces the
formation of the Church of the United States. Ms. Warren argues that it is in
the best interest of the nation to consolidate and centralize matters of
faith. And, she says, it is not a constitutionally prohibited “establishment
of religion” by government but a “facilitation of religion” no different from
granting other religions tax-exempt status.

–Aug. 1, 2017. Stung by a general rejection of the new church of state,
churches are given 90 days to affiliate with the Church of the United States
or lose their tax-exempt status.

–Feb. 5, 2018. In a 6-3 ruling written by Chief Justice Sonya Sotomayor, the
Supreme Court rules Title IX to be unconstitutional because it promotes an
impermissible “separate but equal” climate. Effective with the next regular
academic year, all public and parochial elementary, secondary and
post-secondary schools must have males and females on the same teams.

–July 4, 2018. Stung by a rapidly growing black market for bullets,
President Cuomo announces that he has directed the Department of Homeland
Security, “in the name of protecting the homeland,” to not only conduct
house-by-house and business-by-business searches for “rogue bullet
manufacturing operations” but to “inventory” the nation’s gun stocks.

Surely this is an exaggeration bordering on the reckless, some will say. Not
really, considering the reality of the last four years.

“Every step we take toward making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by
that much we move toward making the State our Master,” once wrote Dwight D.
Eisenhower. And as a fella named Lincoln once reminded, “To sin by silence
when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

Now is not the time for silence, dear sons and daughters of liberty; now is
no time for cowardice.