Shared By  Eric Tucker

I had the pleasure to hear a woman speak at the Glenville Town Board meeting today. She did such an excellent job of encapsulating the way that so many people I know feel that I asked her for a copy of her speech and wanted to share it here with you:

“Good Evening!! Thank you for allowing me to speak. I’m Vicki Ramotar. A resident of Glenville for almost 20 years. Grew up about 20 minutes from here in Galway, the daughter of 2 teachers. I’m a Special Education teacher teaching children with autism. I’m a Christian and a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Scotia, and I love God and I try to live my life in a way that serves Him and my neighbor. Mother of twins now in college. Wife of former marine and a wonderful husband who is seated here tonight (ed: her husband serves on the Glenville Board). And I’m not normally the kind of person who would stand up to speak in front of people like this. But here I am.

Never owned nor used a gun. But, since there are a lot of hunters and farmers in Galway, and since my dad hunted, I was brought up around guns. And at an early age I learned respect for guns. I always followed the rules set by my parents. I never wanted to learn to use a gun, and in fact turned down all offers to learn to use one.

But my purpose tonight is to speak in support of this board’s decision to vote on a proposition to repeal the SAFE ACT on the grounds that it is radical, illogical, and tyrannically infringing on the rights of the people guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights Amendment 2. It is also our right to speak freely and to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances.

And I am grieved. I know many people in our community are grieved. And disturbed. Concerned. Worried. Fearful. About what is happening in our country by our government. The SAFE ACT, written in passed in a secretive and rushed way, is merely one horrifying example.

Surely the SAFE ACT is the governor’s reaction to the Newton, CT massacre. While many believe that it was pushed mostly to put his political career in the forefront, I’m more convinced that the SAFE ACT is intended to be the huge law set that will prevent such an atrocity from happening in NYS. Anyone with children, an elderly parent, a loved one with a disability – anyone with someone to protect, has been racked to the core by the evil that occurred at Sandy Hook.

I’ve read the SAFE ACT though. With its 10 main points – most aimed at law-abiding good people – citizens – sadly it is illogical – wishful thinking at its best to hope that someone like Adam Lanza would follow those rules and that hte incident wouldn’t have happened. Criminals and people who are included to violence will not EVER follow the rules. Interesting to me in the fact that CT already had strict gun laws, and specifically and assault weapons ban, and Sandy Hook Elementary school is a gun-free zone.

Moreover, the fact that this act would not stop an Adam Lanza but would prevent every one of those people who do follow the rules from being able to possibly intervene and stop him. It’s just not right. How long are we going to go on hoping there will always be someone else to protect us? The police? Possibly a good neighbor? Dudley Do Right? What will make us less likely to ever have to use lethal force to defend ourselves and those we love – From intruders in your home? From gang war? From drug cartels, child abductors, school shootings? From an attack from another country? What about from our own government? We will need to have every ounce of alertness, awareness and mental preparation. We will need to be armed and skilled to do so. When the government strips us of our rights, one by one, will we be appalled then, and throw up our arms and say Heil Hitler? Because that is what first happened in Nazi Germany, and it Communist China. The fact that this law was rushed through with no due process is and should be a matter of utmost concern.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

I’ve read that assault rifles, hunting rifles, military style rifles, semi automatic guns – regardless of magazine or clip capacity combined account for less deaths per year than car accidents do. Or medical malpractice. 99.7% of registered gun owners are law-abiding. This act as it is presently written opens wide the field of opportunity for black market and criminal means of gun ownership and use against unprotected citizens while taking away the access of law abiding and good citizens like myself.

Thomas Jefferson said that the last line of defense against a government in full contempt of the Constitution will be the people and their guns. Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God. So… in the name of God, let’s stand up for our country here and now, while we are still able.

Thank you so much for your attention and for taking a stand for our Constitutional rights.