Hands of the poorDear Friends,

It seems to me that charity is a form of love. When we are charitable to our
fellow man, we are expressing not only love for him or her, but to humanity
itself. To be charitable is to be loving, but love is a human feeling, and
can only be felt by a human being, (and a dog). The State is not a human
being, therefore it cannot feel human emotions, like love and charity. The
State is an expression of the power of the collective over the individual.
Power is not love nor can a mob practice charity. Those who seek to be
charitable then, must be charitable, but cannot pass to the State their human
requirement for charity, doing so causes injury, not benevolence.

When confronted by the Pharisees, whether or not to pay taxes, Jesus asked
for a coin. He looked the coin over and asked who’s face was on it.
“Caesar” was the answer. Jesus said, “Render onto Caesar that which is
Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.” The State coined the money,
which is a thing, God coined mankind’s soul, which is divine. The State is of
the Earth, charity and love is of God. The State cannot do that which is
divine, it is not in it’s nature, but human beings can… it is in ours.

To expect anything to do that which is not in it’s nature is foolishness.
Just as a crow eats carrion, and a clam strains algae from the water, the
State survives on the power to coerce. If we understand this, then we can
clearly see, charity is not a thing the State can do. If it tries then it
must be uncharitable to be charitable. Since the end does not justify the
means, the means taint the ends, to have charity handled by the State,
renders the entire operation uncharitable and unloving.

Giving is said to be it’s own reward. When we try to pass our very human
feelings of charity to the State we don’t get the personal reward from being
charitable. Those that are forced to pay for the State’s giving, (which is,
after all, injury to them), are disconnected from charity, they begin to
resent the recipient of the State’s largess, and become indifferent to the
plight of the poor. The person being helped gets a fish for a day. That fish
for a day comes at great cost to the recipient of the State’s giving however.
More often than not, welfare leads people to dependence on the State,
undermining their personal drive to get ahead. This again, is not loving
charity that uplifts the recipient, it is crushing dependence that stagnates
the individual and undermines their ability to grow as a human being. The
benefit of charity is totally lost, to society, the giver and the receiver.

There are three parts to the human being, physical, mental and spiritual. As
we exercise those parts they become stronger, as we allow them to atrophy,
they become weak. True charity and love are uplifting for both the giver and
the receiver. Our divine nature is fed by voluntary giving, not only of
money, but our time and attention too. As we nourish our divinity we grow
stronger in spirituality. The recipient of our love and charity grows as
well. They see the example we set and are inclined to follow it. Goodness
begets goodness and injury begets injury. This is a simple concept to
understand. Individual charity grows the souls of those involved, but fake
charity withers the soul.

It is up to each one of us to be loving to our fellow men and women. Charity
is an act of love, and the State is incapable of love, and so cannot be truly
charitable. Jesus himself tells us that the property of the State, power,
money and pomp, should be practiced by the State, and that which is the
property of God, love charity and kindness, should be practiced by human
beings. The only ones to benefit from the State’s faux charity, are the
political elite, who amass greater and greater power to run the lives of
individuals… for their own good, since the State’s charity does injury to
the receiver. We ignore this lesson to the detriment of our children, who we
fail to set a good example for, by passing our very human need to be
charitable to the State, and we all slide further down the slippery slope to
oppression. The answer is to take back that power from the State, and be
personally charitable, love your neighbors, act as you would have others act,
leading by example and let show the divine nature God gave each and every one
of us. To do otherwise is to deny that Godly spark within us, and even to let
it die, a leper in the cold dark prison of indifference.