It seems to me, every human being has intrinsic worth, no matter his or her
mental status, race, age, religion or any other arbitrary definition. We are
more than a sophisticated explosive delivery device, more than a machine that
deludes itself with a notion of self awareness, and we are far more than
animals to be herded by someone who thinks he is farmer to the rest. To
attribute to others, less than person hood, is to deny one’s own person hood.
Therefore, anyone who considers other human beings to be less than spiritual
beings with intrinsic worth, is subhuman. Unless we learn this and hold it
tight we risk becoming cows for someone to milk and slaughter.

Justice is a concept that can be hard to define. As a result most people have
a distorted idea of what justice is. Many people’s concept of justice is
subjective not objective. A subjective notion of justice is dependent on the
perspective of the observer, objective justice is unchanging, no matter the
observer’s perspective. Those who espouse different levels of justice,
dependent on the person, are using subjective justice and thereby are being
unjust themselves. Those that apply the same attributes, worth and rights to
all, are just. It follows then, that to be unjust is to forfeit justice,
while to be just is to deserve justice, this is the basis of criminal law.
Those that forfeit justice deserve none while those that espouse and
attribute justice to all deserve justice themselves. Any other consideration
is sophistry.

Many times in the past have human beings been designated as less than human.
Everyone knows of the Nazi atrocities. These crimes against humanity were
only made possible by the philosophy that human beings are no more than
animals. That it is in our best interest to cull the herd occasionally and
the enlightened must be hard hearted enough to do it. Every crime against
humanity has it’s roots in this twisted philosophy. The mass starvation of
millions of people by Mao’s Red Guard, were justified in this way, the Nazi
slaughter of Gypsies, Jews and Slavs were justified by this philosophy,
China’s one child policy is contingent on this spurious notion, and the
eugenics movement is based in this perverted misunderstanding of the nature
of humanity.

Eugenics has as storied history in the United States as it does England and
Germany. Many people in these countries were sterilized against their will by
the edict of bureaucrats and judges. Human beings were denied their basic
humanity by government officials, who believed that they have the God like
ability, to decide who should breed and who should not. The evil of the
eugenics movement led directly to the evil of abortion and population
control. The same people who funded and shilled for the eugenics movement,
Rockefeller, Margret Sanger, HG Wells, Dr. Mengele, President Wilson, Charles
Darwin, President Hoover, and other well known notables, would breed us into
Eloi and Morlocks.

A person who denies humanity to another for whatever reason also denies his
or her own humanity. If the congenital nature of man is evil then all man are
evil, if human beings are nothing more than machines that evolved to have the
delusion of self awareness, then everyone, even those that propose this
perverted philosophy, are as well. I cannot claim everyone else is less than
human and claim I am human. That is an impossibility. So, we can safely say
that those who deny humanity to others are in their own way subhuman, even if
the philosophy they promote is incorrect, they are subject to it. They have
self identified as subhuman by their own philosophy.

Slavery, abortion, population control, eugenics, and even redistribution are
all forms of injustice called justice, and require as a prerequisite, the
denial of someone else’s basic human worth. Denial of the value of every
human being is the slippery slope that leads to these evils and more. We are
human beings and all of us have individual worth outside our value to any
collective or group. To maintain that personal humanity, we must accept the
individual value of every other human being, rejecting the spurious notion of
collective this or that, for the evil it is and the injustice it creates. If
we are rational maximisers we will accept the basic worth of humanity in
general and the individual in particular. To do otherwise, is to deny our
very own humanity, subjecting us to our own injustice. In other words… We
have accepted that we are merely cows, and the implications.


John Pepin