Welcome to NY912.

What is the meaning of 9.12?

9.12 was inspired by nationally syndicated radio talkshow host Glenn Beck in response to a caller, Ed in Connecticut, who felt guilty and alone because he had “tuned out”  because of direction that he felt the country has taken.  Glenn wanted to prove to this caller that he was not alone and asked for a month to do it.  On February 10th, 2009, he began by compiling a list of 9 principles and 12 values that all Americans can agree upon and asked listeners and viewers to send a photo if they agreed with 7 of the 9 principles.  On March 13th, 2009 he aired a special edition of his television show, featuring a mosaic made from thousands of pictures that had been sent in.

This was the beginning of the 9.12 Project.

Coincidentally, 9.12 also is a reference to the day after the September 11, 2001 attacks by radical Islamic terrorists that resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 Americans.  9.12, as many will remember, was a day that many Americans came together and joined as a nation in mourning and determination to bring the people responsible, to justice.  It was a day when we all were just plain Americans.  9.12, in addition to being a reference to values and principles, is also a movement to re-unite all Americans with the understanding that we have more that we can agree on than things that divide us, such as political party, ethnicity or religion.

What is NY912?

NY912 is a alliance of leaders of the New York State local and regional 9.12 Project  groups who subscribe to the 9.12 values and principles.  We gather together to share ideas and resources, network and collaborate on a variety of projects.  Each group retains it’s independence and there is no obligation to follow any of the leadership’s recommendations.

Is Glenn Beck the leader of the 9.12 Project?

No.  Nobody is.  9.12 is a truly grassroots effort.  It starts at the local level and all of the decisions are made at that level.  NY912 was formed to serve as a forum for the local leaders to meet, exchange ideas and information, combine resources and collaborate on statewide and regional initiatives.  We are not “astroturf”.  Nobody gets a check, marching orders or even talking points from any national, state level or local organization.

Aren’t you guys just a part of the Republican Party?

No.  We are critical of both of the major political parties and will not hesitate to show our displeasure, as was evidenced in the 2009 NY 23rd District congressional special election.  We will not play the game any longer.  Most of our members are of a conservative mindset, but we welcome all as long as they are willing to agree and abide by most of the 9.12 principles and values.

(And for those who are concerned about principle #2, no, we don’t force you into any kind of religion or even to believe in God if you choose not to.)

If you are interested in joining us, or would like assistance in forming your own local group, please contact your nearest 9/12 group