Formed after the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party by Eli Schultz, NNY912 has hosted a number of successful events, beginning with a July 3rd rally at Iron Block Harley Davidson, the “launch” semi-formal dinner with featured speaker Dr. Shannon Brooks, and our members were active in Jefferson County in support of Doug Hoffman’s run for the NY-23 seat in Congress.  In September, realizing that true and meaningful change will take a generation or more, we developed a long-term campaign strategy that we hope will be a model for other 912 groups around the state and nation.  This campaign consists of four lines of effort: Values & Principles, Education, Informed Citizenry and Influence Elected Officials.  Each line has spheres of influence beginning with self, family and friends and community,  locality, state and nation with the realization that in order to change a nation, we must begin with ourselves.